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Catfishing Story and Recipe Part 1


This is my Papa, in the blue, my partner Arty, an Irish Bull Dog! That's me with the scar on my leg from heart by-pass in October. Still ain't healed, but I haven't lost the leg yet either. Oh, the Flathead...38lbs. Caught on...a small blue (3/4 pounder) that had taken a chicken cheese blend.

Which by the way leads me to the hint of working soap.

Buy you a cheese slicer, you know the thing with the wire on it and use it to cut IVORY SOAP! Yeah, I know, everyone uses that pink Mexican crap Zoate. But it just makes good sense to buy American when ya can. You should get about 72 pieces to the bar.

To make a soap cutting board cut one piece of 3/4 ply wood about eight by eight inches, another about four by six inches and glue then nail them together. The smaller on top. Hang about 3/8th's of an inch of the bar of soap off of the smaller piece letting the cuttings fall to the larger. It helps make a neater job if you varnish the wood so the soap cuttings and scraps don't strick to it. Put the cut cubes in a water proof container.

"But oh dumb fat one?" you ask, "why a water proof container if you are going to get your hands wet and then handle soap with razor sharp treble hooks and put it in the water any how?"

Because, before you interrupted me with that question, I was going to tell you to load the container down with ROUGH CUT CORN MEAL! The corn meal keeps the soap from getting slick. Doesn't do a lot for your hands so you'll have to dunk them over the side and rinse them ever so often. But the soap won't slip as bad and won't be near as dangerous to use!

As an after thought of my last writing, I said to use a specific amount of oil and flour/cornmeal mix. Let me correct or expand on that...mix the oil in with the amount of corn meal/flour necessary to get a consistency that isn't tacky and keeps it from sticking to your hands/fingers. Once you get that consistency, you've got a good hook hugger.

The moral of this story....
A BAD week fishing is better than a good day anyplace else!
Better hunting next round. I know there's still big ones out there just waiting on us!
Good luck you!


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