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Catfishing Story and Recipe Part 2


Remember when 'Catfish Charlie' hit the market and it was a gift from the fishing Gods? No more mixing blood baits for trotlines, no more hassles or messes! Clean, simple and just wash your hands.

But then, every yahoo that ventured to the lake on weekends set out trotlines or rod and reeled for catfish with pre-mixed blood baits. They still do and saturate the lakes with the stuff. To the point, I think it gags the fish they have smelled it so long.

Not only did hardhearted fishermen recognize this, so has the manufacturing industry. The fishing industry probably has large R&D departments and scientist at their beck and call working on new baits. If you don’t think so take a stroll through Academy with this in mind, if you haven’t already.

Take note of all the “mixed” baits for just about every kind of fish you can think of. But us poor old aching back, blistered fingered, sun burned bald spot catfish finned footed good ol' boys stumbling along on our own have had to plod along looking for the right answer to the right fishing hole.

One of the first epiphanies was that the bait just didn't stay on the hook long enough. So, eureka, we had to improve on what we had! Papa who’s now 72 has been doing this since he was a kid on the Sabine River, came up with the idea of adding Bardhol Motor Oil and flour to the mix. His catch to bait ratio dropped off. Sometimes the fish bite it, more times they don't! He has a higher fish to bait ration off of soap bait.

I’ll slip you the best and easiest way to work soap later.
For now though consider the fat boy sitting on the bank carefully scratching his sun burnt bald spot wondering about this. Papa, he’s pretty much set in his ways and don’t kindle too fondly to change.

But you know how us young upstarts can be! So I’m thinking; “Now if I was a catfish, I sure wouldn’t be wanting to ingest no motor oil. There’s got to be a better way to get a heavy weight Natural Oil to mix with the blood bait to hold it together longer?” So it’s off to the local grub depot to see what’s on the shelf.

Pay dirt…Natural Olive oils! But how much do I add, how will the fish like it and how will I incorporate it into ready-made blood bait? Why R&D of course, only on a Swamp Irish fisherman scale (Swamp Irish, that’s quarter Cajun, quarter Indian and half Irish).

Swamp Irish R&D, better known as ‘Hit or Miss’ here in Texas. Mix some up, hang it off the bridge over the gully in the backyard and see how the baitfish tear it up and how long it stays on a hook. Improve and adapt as called for. Then run it to the river and see how it behaves. Put it on a limb line and see who likes it.

The Recipe;
45 ounces of Charlie B Blood bait. (Catfish Charlie to you Southern boys like me.)
2 cups of flour
1 cup of white cornmeal
8 to 16 ounces of Mazola Extra Virgin Olive oil

Now you have a hook hanging blood bait that last longer as well as the base for a host of other recipes for catfish. I could go on, but I only promised Danny a teaser. You want more from Texas Fishing, wait for his next book. I just may load him up with almost 200 years of combined cat fishing experience!
Don’t you just hate it when people do that to you?


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